about us

Our mission is simple:

  • To unite Utah’s vibrant digital marketing scene
  • To create notoriety on a national level of the digital marketing innovation driven from Utah
  • To create awareness of SEM and complementary digital marketing channels in our region
  • To create and foster a strong community of companies and individuals pioneering digital marketing in the region

Why is SLC|SEM Different?

Utah has a number of web technology-focused networking groups, but until now, there’s not been a group focused primarily on the key aspects of search marketing – organic SEO, paid search advertising, local search and mobile search marketing, search retargeting and analytics.

SLC|SEM is bringing together hundreds of online marketing specialists in Utah – from small to medium sized businesses to large corporate enterprises, and a number of recognizable, consumer focused brands and e-commerce businesses.

Utah has a vibrant community of search marketers – from independent consultants to full-service search marketing agencies, as well as a contingent of in-house teams working on enterprise-level SEO and running expansive PPC programs, to those just getting started in the industry.

SLCSEM.org is a membership driven association, incorporated in the state of Utah, filing for non-profit status.

Board elections will be held annually.

Sub-committees will offer members opportunities to get involved with event planning, website updates, member communications and more. If interested in volunteering your time to serve on a sub-committee, please contact us.


Board Members

SLC | SEM Board Members (back left-to-right): AJ Wilcox, David Malmborg, Ryan Hutchings, Ryan Nadeau (front left-to-right): Darin "Doc" Berntson, Maria Corcoran, Jake Hoopes

SLC | SEM Board Members (back left-to-right): AJ Wilcox, David Malmborg, Ryan Hutchings, Ryan Nadeau
(front left-to-right): Darin “Doc” Berntson, Maria Corcoran, Jake Hoopes

Co-Founder and President

Ryan Nadeau: Co-Founder and President

Ryan Nadeau, Co-Founder & President

Ryan is a true industry veteran with over 13 years of professional search marketing experience.  Through the years, Ryan has driven the SEM efforts for variety of companies.  The big names include: General Motors, Expedia, Hotels.com & Amazon Inc.  That said, he’s a sucker for helping SMBs and has had clients as small as log furniture stores located in the furthest reaches of Minnesota.  Aside from being the acting President and Co-Founder of SLC|SEM, Ryan is currently driving the paid search marketing channel for DigiCert, freelancing when possible and spending large amounts of cash on his addiction to Air Jordan’s.



Vice President

David Malmborg: Vice President

David Malmborg, Vice President

Over the past few years, David’s focus has been on B2B marketing, working alongside technology leaders at Dell and Fusion-io. David’s online marketing purview is in SEO, content promotion and social engagement; he also specializes in social media and display advertising as well as other hyper-targeted campaigns. Deep down, David has an intense fascination with charts and graphs and relishes the thought of bringing data-driven insight to unsuspecting, bleary-eyed marketing teams.




Marketing and Communications Director

Darin Berntson: Marketing & Communications Director

Darin “Doc” Berntson, Marketing and Communications Director

Doc has worked in the internet marketing field for over 15 years, and has owned two internet marketing agencies. He has been a part of big names like SEO.com as their Senior Community Manager, served as President of Social Media Club of Salt Lake City, and is now the founder of his new Inbound Marketing firm, Bernco Media. Doc has a passion for content marketing, social media, and all things Disney!





Ryan Hutchings: Treasurer

Ryan Hutchings, Treasurer  

Ryan is the Director of Marketing at Vacation Roost and is one of the Founding Directors for SLC|SEM.  From advertising to analytics, Ryan’s focus is long-term online growth and strategy development. His specialties include SEO, PPC, SEM and every technical aspect related to the online marketing world.

“Driving success online, one metric at a time.” – Ryan Hutchings.





Technology Director

Jake Hoopes: Technology Director

Jake Hoopes, Technology Director

Jake has been managing paid search campaigns for over 9 years, starting back when Overture was the cool kid on the block, Adwords allowed affiliate linking, and Bing Ads was merely a glimmer in Microsoft’s eye. 

Prior to working in digital marketing, Jake was a web developer which helps him maintain a unique perspective on a functional level regarding the finer points of executing and measuring your digital marketing efforts.  

Jake has co-founded two companies and been a partner in two others. He is currently working as the Director of Product Development for Showroom Logic, a national provider of paid search services for the automotive dealerships and 1 of only 19 Google AdWords Premier SMB Partners in North America.

“SEM success lies at the intersection of technology, data, and hard work.” –Jake Hoopes


Maria Corcoran: Director of Events

Maria Corcoran: Director of Events

Maria Corcoran

Maria has 8+ years of professional-grade search marketing experience.  She’s been with Adobe for the past 4 years and is currently part of their in-house SEM team.  During that time, Maria has driven strong performance-based results across multiple lines of business and consulted with numerous Fortune 500 companies.

In her role as Director of Events for SLC|SEM, Maria will focus on incorporating member feedback and industry trends to ensure we continually deliver the highest quality events possible.



AJ Wilcox

AJ Wilcox: Job Czar

AJ Wilcox, Job Czar

AJ Wilcox fell in love with online marketing 7 years ago, and his wife still hasn’t forgiven him for it. He’s also known as an an avid runner, lover of exotic cars, and a connoisseur of technology.

Originally from Arizona, he now resides in Lehi with his wife and 3 children. He has a passion for SEO and PPC, a hatred for the term ‘inbound’, and a relationship with Google best described as, “it’s complicated.”

AJ is currently the online marketing manager for Domo.com – a B2B business management SaaS software company in American Fork, UT.



(back left-to-right): AJ Wilcox, David Malmborg, Ryan Hutchings, Ryan Nadeau (front left-to-right): Darin "Doc" Berntson, Maria Corcoran, Jake Hoopes

(back left-to-right): AJ Wilcox, David Malmborg, Ryan Hutchings, Ryan Nadeau
(front left-to-right): Darin “Doc” Berntson, Maria Corcoran, Jake Hoopes