With Fall rapidly approaching and the end of the year drawing near, it seemed only appropriate that this month’s SLC|SEM theme was last minute SEO, SEM and social media tips to meet your end of year goals.

I’m always impressed with the turnout for SLC|SEM’s monthly events and can plan on seeing plenty of new and familiar faces. It’s a great resource to have an association that supports Utah’s digital marketing community.  These events are a fantastic opportunity for networking and to hear presenters discuss the latest search marketing trends, tactics and actionable tips.


Kicking off this month’s event was Brett Stevens, a PPC Team Lead at 180 Fusion. He discussed PPC Prep for the Holidays. Here are some highlights from his presentation:

What’s The Plan?

In order to successfully implement any paid marketing strategy Brett tells us we need a plan. Moving into Q4, we ideally should have a solid strategy, but with the ever-changing landscape of Google paid search, being agile in these six areas is key to success.

1. Offer Extensions

For those not familiar, an offer extension is a relatively new AdWords feature released in February of this year that provides advertisers with a way to distribute relevant offers inside their text ad to searchers. These special offers can give potential customers incentive to make a purchase.


Offer extensions can be beneficial in helping you drive traffic to your local business by publicizing promotions through your campaigns. Brett tells us it’s about driving the local traffic and tracking the offer to gain insights into purchaser behavior.

How to Optimize Offers for the Holidays: Test!

Brett recommends experimenting with different discounts and promotions now in order to discover what’s most appealing to customers and not wait for the holidays. Keep a close eye on what your competitors are offering and be prepared to make adjustments as needed.

2. Product Listing Ads

Product listing ads, or PLAs, are also a relatively new AdWords feature that are part of Google’s shopping  (sponsored) results. These results include additional information about product like price, images, and retailer name. If you’re in ecommerce and you’re not utilizing PLAs, you need to be because they work. Brett tells us that by utilizing PLAs, he’s seen year-over-year  CTR and conversions increase.

Public Listing Ads

Optimizing Your Feed

Brett tells us to optimize our data feed by showcasing the products that really drive revenue and offers the following tips to help us capitalize on this feature:

  • Align and optimize your titles with user intent (brand, color, size).
  • Don’t use stock images. By adding a unique product image you can distinguish yourself from your competitors.
  • Don’t forget about mobile. With mobile now introducing PLAs and with more people shopping on mobile phones this holiday season, mobile PLAs will matter.
  • Create a promotional feed for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and focus on your hot ticket items

3. RLSA  (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads)

Remarketing  allows you to display ads to users who have previously visited your website. Brett explains that remarketing offerings have expanded beyond traditional remarketing and provides us with four components and tips on how we can optimize for the holidays.

  • Increase bids on lower funnel keywords
  • Remove higher funnel keywords from RLSA campaigns
  • Optimize ad text for holiday offerings
  • Exclude remarketing lists from primary campaigns

4. Dynamic Remarketing: Reach visitors based on the products they viewed on your site.

  • Test different layouts to see what resonates with your audience.
  • Test button colors and CTAs (shop now, buy today etc.)
  • Experiment with different value ad propositions (free shipping, 10% off etc.). Test them see what’s working with Google offers.
  • Logo position (according to Brett, keeping it at the top works best). Make sure your brand is visible and standing out.

5. Similar Audiences

Similar Audiences forms an “ideal user” model based on your best user list and helps you reach potential new visitors who share these same attributes.

  • Use high level ad copy with a value ad proposition that will work for any item they purchase. (Free shipping on all orders, 10% off, free banana holder with every purchase!)
  • Add topics for control (something categorically related, maybe try “Gifts”)
  • Narrow by demographic (Age, Gender, etc.)

6. Search Companion

Search companion is impression based remarketing that takes place within a session on Google’s Display Network (GDN).

  • Use Text and Image ads.
  • Bidding between search and display, save some money and find the middle ground. Brett recommends focusing on the lower funnel keywords.
  • Use different holiday ad copy from what you originally presented.

I’ll be the first to say I learned a lot from Brett’s presentation. In closing, he provided us with a few key takeaways including:

  • Offer Extensions will push your local traffic
  • PLAs are a must!
  • Don’t be afraid to try some new remarketing
  • Test everything

Also presenting was David Malmborg, a former employee and current Social Media Manager at Fusion-io who discussed achieving your SEO goals.


David started his presentation by asking the broad question “what does SEO mean?”  To answer this question David, broke SEO into the following three components:

SEO 1: On-page Optimization

  • On-page optimization: Making sure your pages are valuable, targeted, sharable and structured content.
  • On-site optimization: Analyzing the way search engines are crawling, indexing and displaying your pages.

David tells us this type of SEO takes time to review and revise.

SEO 2: Relationships

  • Building true press relations
  • Contributed article/guest blog posts
  • The audience is the true gauge of a good placement, not the link opportunity. Focusing on building an audience and increasing brand visibility and awareness can hold more value than a link.
  • Pay for placement – It’s O.K. to pay for a placement that will reach your target audience (just be sure to add a nofollow attribute to your outbound links)
  • Maximize your internal network to write, share and engage

For building these relationships and finding websites that serve your target audience, David recommends the BuzzStream tool. For those not familiar with BuzzStream, it’s a fantastic tool to build relationships, monitor backlinks and keep track of all correspondence made with link partners.

SEO 3: Social Engagement Optimization

As social media optimization continues to become an increasingly important part of any businesses’ marketing strategy, creating and sharing content created for engagement is vital to increasing brand visibility and growing your audience across social networks. In his presentation, David referenced a recent article by Jordan Kasteller discussing a three-pronged approach to content promotion  to help maximize the visibility from your social content efforts including:

Jordan Kasteler Paid, Owned, Earned

1.  Grow your “Owned” reach by promoting your own content.

2.  Paid promotion can be an important channel to increase visibility and reach new audiences.

3.  Earned promotion from third-parties who are sharing and engaging with your content. Social shares can be seen as votes for your content and can increase traffic to your site and improve performance in organic search.

Content marketing should be about taking people down the conversion path. From a business point of view, anything else really is a waste of time.” – Dan Bischoff

Bringing it all together

David wraps ups the night by emphasizing the importance of understanding all of the activity on and off a website, all touch-points, channels and how all can play a role in a conversion.  By analyzing patterns and visitor behavior, we can understand and evaluate on how to improve the process.

Memorable Tweets from the Night







All in all, this month’s SLC|SEM event proved to be another valuable opportunity to gain insights into refining our craft and to meet and network with other local digital marketers. If you’re a Utah digital marketing professional looking to get involved with the community, you can learn more about purchasing an individual or corporate membership here.

First you plant the content seeds, then you tend to your link targets and reap the rewards of sustainable search results.

Good quality links are built through creating valuable content that people naturally want to link to. Learn how to repurpose and repackage your content assets through PR, social and other tactics to cultivate valuable link partnerships that will lead to long lasting success in search. [Read more…]

If you missed Danny’s speech in February, you missed a goldmine of actionable tips, strategies and foresight into what will become of the search industry. If you weren’t already aware, Danny would like you to know that…

SEO is Dead… Just Kidding

According to many bloggers within the industry, SEO has apparently been dying since 1996:

  • “Google Instant will kill SEO”
  • “Siri will change everything”
  • “Google+ will change everything”
  • “Search Plus Your World will change everything”
  • And the latest, “Facebook Graph Search will change everything”

What has changed? Despite local, voice and mobile search growing bigger, we’re still searching in the same way we have since the Internet started. Google may have changed the results page to boost profits or to ultimately help you find what you are looking for faster, but that doesn’t change the fact that people are still searching for specific keywords that may relate to your business.

It’s about Evolution, not Revolution

The evolving SERP landscape and algorithm changes confirm that while search marketing has changed, it isn’t going away, nor will its effectiveness be diminished. The reality of SEO from past to present is that it hasn’t really changed for anybody that has truly taken it seriously.


Building links whether naturally through fantastic onsite content, or manually is an inevitable SEO strategy to great search engine rankings. It’s still a major part of how the search engines gauge relevancy but Google is cracking down on what they deem as natural or not.

If you are getting unnatural link warnings within your webmaster tools, it’s a good bet that the way you are obtaining your links needs to be revised. As a general rule, the link that is the hardest to obtain is most likely the most beneficial for you. Since the search engines have evolved to the point where they can identify unnatural anchor text and link schemes, you need to start taking your link building seriously. Gone are the days of BuildMyRank and other blog networks. If you’re suffering from a penalty, remove the links the best you can, submit the links you are not able to remove in the link disavow tool and submit a reconsideration request.

There are still natural ways of building links, keep in mind. It’s not about being sneaky; it’s about actually providing something to the Internet community. Try some of these strategies:

  • Guest posting
  • Infographics
  • Building tools
  • Various forms of linkbait
  • Giveaways and contests
  • Product reviews

Some might say, “Just create amazing onsite content and blog posts and the links will come to you! It’s about link EARNING”. That is true and an excellent strategy but it’s unfortunately not always an option for small businesses or products of boring or overly-complex nature,


While the social element has been a slow rising ranking signal, it’s getting bigger and it’s here to stay. With the recent breakout of Facebook’s Graph Search, it’s important to create a social presence for yourself or your business. If you already have one, it’s important to start using it to actually engage with your audience and build it.

Perhaps one of the biggest ways to dominate social media in your industry is by making yourself an industry expert. Whatever you’re blogging about, make sure you are including your rel=author tag within the author byline. Share your posts, send them to friends and try to get as many likes as you naturally can.

Since many might be thinking to themselves, “I’ll just go on Fiverr and buy followers, tweets and shares!” it should be said that this is a bad idea. Maybe not immediately, but what happens when Facebook and Twitter are able to understand an unnatural friend profile (if they can’t already)?

You can’t blame Google for evolving

They are a business just like yours and they want to make money. They will do whatever they need to stay at the top of people’s minds and serve up the best results.

Google wants to get their searchers answers as soon as possible, if all you are doing is serving up a bunch of facts or data to visitors, you might have a hard time in the future. Here’s an example of how the latest changes on Google could replace your site:

how old is jennifer lawrence

In Summary

For 2013, focus on being legitimate and essential for the public (and Google). Stop spammy link building practices and never look for the shortcut. Don’t fear that SEO will go away unless you are completely unable to adapt with the industry.

Were you at February’s SLC|SEM event? What did you think? What were your main takeaways?

If you’d like to see the entire slide deck from Danny’s speech, visit SLC|SEM on slide share.

About the Author

Kevin W. Phelps is the owner of GuestBlogPoster, a guest posting service provider and Levitate SEM, a Utah-based search marketing agency. You can find him on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and SEOmoz if you would like to get in touch with him.

If the saying “adapt or die” Duane Forresterwith SEO wasn’t already ingrained in my skull, it surely was after hearing Duane Forrester, the Sr. Product Manager of Bing’s Webmaster Tools, talk about the complexities that derive from Bing’s algorithm and how they determine relevance.

While SEO’s typically have their trophy keywords, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the searcher intent of those keywords has anything to do with what your business is about, and this is one of the many things that search engines are trying to figure out.

After hearing Duane speak, it’s very clear that SEO goes well beyond keyword research, surface level relevancy and links. But while those aspects of SEO are still a major factor for many searches, it’s smart to start broadening your SEO strategy if you want to be successful in your competitive space.

A Search Engine’s Billion Dollar Question

How do you give users what they are searching for, when their query can be drastically different from what they’re thinking?

In Duane’s example, he shows a query of “Best New York Hotels”. To the common searcher, this might be what they’re looking for, but for most, it goes well beyond this query because what they are looking for relates to price, room sizes, proximity to your destination and amenities.

To a search engine that doesn’t actually know what you’re thinking, they are going to serve up results based on what listing is most relevant for the query, which can unfortunately sometimes also coincide with which listing has the best SEO strategy.

Therein lies the problem: too often can a listing rank for a keyword that a searcher isn’t actually looking for, which prompts the search engines to figure out the question I previously asked, “How do you give users what they are searching for, when their query can be drastically different from what they’re thinking?”

This is How Bing is Improving Searcher Experience

Good thing for Bing they have access to mountains of historical data to analyze, aside from the most common ranking metrics like keyword density and links. While those both (and others) are still critical to the success of an SEO strategy, Bing (and Google) is looking closer at:

  • Social Metricssocial media
  • Structured Data
  • Mobile Search
  • Online Services
  • Apps
  • Reviews
  • Human Interaction

If the search engines truly knew you, their search results would be impeccable. With all the above methods of finding information, the search engines are able to get a better understanding of who you are and what results would suit you best for a given search.

At the same time, webmasters are giving the search engines what they want in a much more legitimate way. Using structured data or allows you to mark up your pages to allow the search engines to understand your pages better. This includes markup to show them price, reviews and much, much more.

Now that the search engines have a rough idea of who you are, they can give you results that best match your searcher type for the keyword you’ve given. There is a reason Bing is in bed with Facebook and why Google is pushing Google+ so hard, its race to gather the best data to give the most personalized experience possible.

Brilliant, right? I thought so too.

2004 Called, They Want Their Strategy Back

Duane confirmed the obvious that search engines have a massive amount of data at their disposal and can usually differentiate between somebody trying to outright manipulate the search results, and those who are providing real value to the internet.

Odds are, if the bulk of your strategy is the following, it might be time for a refresh:

  • Bookmark links – sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and the millions of others.
  • Directory submissions – general directories that accept links on any topic are bad, but don’t ignore niche industry directories or locally-focused directories.
  • Article networks and directories – privately owned networks of sites that receive little to no natural traffic are a bad idea, same with article directories that will post your article on any given subject.
  • Forum links – again, relevance and legitimacy is very important and if you’re posting on irrelevant blogs in bulk, it’s going to become a problem
  • Keyword-rich anchor text – the name of the game is diversity, but luckily you don’t have to sacrifice your relevancy in the process.

Six Actionable Tips for a Solid 2013 Strategy

Focus on Legitimacy

Since any great strategy can be ruined at the hand of spammers, I think that taking a step back to focus on being legitimate with your strategy should be on the front of your mind with whatever you’re doing.

Focus on Social

Since it appears that this is becoming a notable ranking factor, it’s wise to invest your time and money in creating a solid strategy to gather a better social following. This doesn’t mean going out and buying 1000 twitter followers, it means create something worth sharing and provide information that people actually care about. If you’re an expert in your field, share via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and the rest.

Focus on Conversion

Conversion optimization might be one of the biggest contributors to whether your strategy succeeds or not. If your checkout process is buggy or if your site in general is difficult to navigate, you could be losing sales left and right, deeming all the work you’ve put into your online strategy, useless.

Focus on Content

This year more than ever is the year to get serious about giving your expertise away through video, articles, images, ebooks and infographics. Life is all about helping people and the more you do so, the more memorable and valuable you become.

Focus on Quality Link Building

It would be ignorant to forget about one of the biggest ranking factors of all. It would be even more ignorant to execute it in a way that doesn’t have quality as the number one focus. Make sure what you are doing isn’t just to build the link, but to provide valuable content to the internet community. Link building and content go hand in hand which is why infographics, guest blogging, building widgets and other methods are so popular.

Focus on Site Structure

As Duane discussed, implementing canonical tags, structured data and other helpful tags for the search engines can give you an advantage over another listing that doesn’t. While some of this is complicated for those just starting online, it doesn’t have to be.

Bing recently rolled out their new version of Webmaster Tools with a clear intention on helping SEO’s with their jobs. With this, they give you keyword data, link data and hundreds of other things to give you insight as to how Bing may look at your website.

Wrapping Up and Key Takeaways

If Duane’s talk did anything, it’s to confirm what many have speculated about, which is how closely do the search engines look at social metrics in determining a site’s rank? In a general sense, the answer would be – considerable. Depending on your search term, I’m sure there are no social metrics that go into the SERPs, but I’m sure other major queries are heavily gauged by social signals.

Even though social may become a huge player in the SERPs, it’s important to not lose focus of the other major metrics that we know currently work. I think the best takeaway is to quote Duane himself:

  • Content is the reason
  • Keyword research is a beacon
  • Quality is your watch word
  • Authority is your goal
  • Niche is your starting point
  • User experience is your religion

Were you at the January event to hear Duane speak? If you were, leave a comment to let us know what you thought about it.

If you were unable to attend,  or view event photos on Facebook and check out his slideshow below:

Write up provided by Kevin Phelps from GuestBlogPoster – a guest posting services provider for agencies and inhouse marketing teams.

Salt Lake City, Utah – January 10, 2013 – Following the recent opening of the new Adobe technology campus in Lehi, the technology giant continues to support the fast growing SLC|SEM organization by providing event space for local professionals’ monthly educational and networking events.

“As a leader in the digital marketing space, both in Utah and globally, Adobe is a natural fit for our organization – partnering with Adobe has been a focus for us since day one of the organization’s inception,” said Elisabeth Osmeloski, co-founder and current President of SLC|SEM. “This joint effort will enable us to continue our mission of delivering top-level educational content for search marketers, while raising the profile of the industry and local talent pool in Utah.”

Adobe Logo With a diverse membership of independent business owners and consultants, local digital agencies and Internet marketing teams from some of Utah’s most well known brands, SLC|SEM provides a unique platform for networking and collaborative learning among peers. SLC|SEM holds monthly events for its members and guests and in 2013 these events will be held in Adobe’s new Utah technology campus, in Lehi Utah.

The inaugural event in the new venue will take place Wednesday, January 16, 2012 from 6-9pm, and feature a networking reception for SLC|SEM members and a keynote presentation by search industry luminary Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager of’s Webmaster Tools.


Founded in 2011, SLC|SEM is a non-profit, professional association for Internet marketers in Utah focused on organic SEO (search engine optimization), paid search advertising, social media marketing and measuring the success of such tactics through web analytics. Monthly educational events focus on a different discipline each month, featuring nationally recognized experts and local members sharing best practices. Annual individual and corporate memberships can be purchased online at


Elisabeth Osmeloski
President,, Utah’s professional association for search and social media marketers, is proud to bring the internationally known Internet marketing expert and founder of SEOmoz, Rand Fishkin (@Randfish), to Salt Lake City, Utah as we continue our evening series of networking and search marketing education.

Fishkin had this to say about the event:

“I’m incredibly excited to visit Salt Lake City again and chat with the SLC|SEM folks. There’s long been a hotbed of web marketing and analytics activity in SLC, and I’m thrilled to see that culture continue.”

If that doesn’t convince you to become a member of SLC|SEM now, then we don’t know what will!

Current SLC|SEM members are always guaranteed seats at our events ahead of the general public.


For this special event, a limited number of non-member tickets are available for purchase for $25.

If you are an online marketer in Utah, this is a can’t miss event!

When: Wednesday, October 10th, 6 – 9pm

  • 6 – 7pm: Networking Time
  • 7 – 8:30pm : SLCSEM Intro & Keynote by Rand Fishkin
  • 8:30 – 9pm:  Audience Q&A


The Leonardo
209 E 500 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Register Now:

NOTE: Free Tickets are only available to current SLC|SEM members on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We do ask that members pre-register for each event as early as possible so that we may plan space accordingly and open up additional tickets to non-members before the event.

Held at partner venue, The Leonardo – the newly renovated Arts, Science & Technology Museum in Downtown Salt Lake City.

Pre-registered SLC|SEM event guests can take advantage of discounted admission to the museum prior to the event. The ticket prices are $10 for All Access Passes or $5 for Basic Admission. Admission is for operating hours only, 10am-5pm, so guests are welcome to come early to view the exhibit before the event.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing career fields in Utah, nationally and globally. Utah has a booming digital marketing community – with many of the industry’s best and brightest living, working and playing in a state many surveys have said is a great place to live and do business, both now and in the future.

But is Utah on track with national salaries for comparable positions? Are Utah digital marketers fairly compensated in this very competitive field? Are you having trouble finding qualified talent to fill digital marketing roles? Are Utah employers doing enough to attract and retain top talent? Are Utah companies asking too much but offering too little in salary? How does education and experience factor in?

If you want answers, take our survey now – it’s less than 20 questions!!

Utah Digital Marketing Salary Survey & Hiring Outlook

Note: if you have difficulty completing the form below, you can also fill out the survey here.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool. (Utah’s professional association for digital marketers) and SMCSLC (Social Media Club Salt Lake City) are teaming up for special evening of networking & summer fun at Park City Mountain Resort.

In addition to ample time for Alpine Slide rides,  networking with peers, the leaders of SLCSEM & SMCSLC are organizing a panel of representatives to discuss the wide variety of real-world jobs and career opportunities in digital publishing and social media today.

There are more job opportunities than ever for digital content producers, search engine optimization (SEO) experts, paid search advertising (PPC) pro’s, social media / community managers and website analysts across many industries in Utah, but still many employers are struggling to find (and keep) talented employees, are still unsure of how to go about building a team and/or justifying the expense and measuring the value of these roles.

Come hear a variety of perspectives from Utah employers (both agency & clientside / in-house), independent consultants, job seekers, students & more, plus time for audience questions.

Sample Discussion Topics: What does the job market look like for search & social media marketers in Utah? Can you really earn a living working online? What skills & education do you need to be an effective online marketer or social media manager? How do you hire & retain talented employees to manage your online campaigns? Is Utah on pace salary wise with similar size markets? How do you prove your value as an employee managing search/social?

Can’t make this event? Your input still matters! 

When:   Thurs, Aug 9th

  • 5:30 – 7 pm: Check-in & Outdoor Activities provided by Park City Mountain Resort (@Pcski), Pre-event Networking
  • 7-8 pm: Panel Discussion: “Utah Job Market: Search & Social Marketing”
    • Speakers TBA


  • Legacy Lodge at Park City Mountain Resort
  • 1345 Lowell Avenue, Park City, UT

Space Is Limited!

Thanks to the generosity of Park City Mountain Resort, this special event is FREE to SLC|SEM members & prospective members! But space is limited, so please RSVP only if you absolutely can attend! representatives will be onsite to answer questions about the value of membership for individuals and companies involved with all aspects of digital marketing; you can even sign-up for a membership onsite, so you won’t miss future member-only events!

RSVP Now: 

Eventbrite - An Evening of Panel Discussions, Networking & Summer Fun with SMC SLC & SLC SEM

EVENT NOTICE: The daytime event has been postponed until further notice, with a future date to be announced.

NOTE: will still host an evening event from 5-8pm on June 12th, “Advanced Local Search Tactics”, featuring speakers David Mihm of GetListed & Bryan Phelps of Registration will be opening shortly for the evening event.  *A limited number of Non-member tickets may be available for sale for the evening’s SLCSEM event.
[Read more…]

Continuing an exciting series of educational & networking evening events, will host special guest speaker Dennis Goedegebuure(@thenextcorner), VP of Internet Marketing at GeekNet on April 18th for an evening dedicated to making better business decisions through data.

Online marketers often have access to an enormous wealth of web analytics data, which gives us unique insight into the behavior of prospective and current customers – the problem is, many search marketers are simply too overwhelmed with large data sets to do anything with them.

In the evening’s keynote, along with local member speakers, we’ll discuss turning analytics data into actionable marketing strategies and how to use information to solve common business problems.

About Dennis Goedegebuure

In August 2011, “Dennis G” joined Geeknet Inc. as Vice President of Internet Marketing, where he is responsible for driving more web traffic to sites such as Slashdot, Sourceforge and FreshMeat.

Prior to Geeknet, Dennis G. spent 9+ years at eBay, operating in a variety of roles on the Internet Marketing team, ultimately spending three years spent leading the SEO strategy for 22 global eBay marketplace sites.

Dennis’ technical expertise and marketing savvy, as well as his unique brand of personality and speaking style has wowed digital marketers at events around the world, and now he’s planning to share his insight with SLCSEM members!

When: April 18th, 6 – 9pm @The_Leonardo

  • 6 – 7pm: Food, Drinks & Networking
  • 7 – 7:15pm : Opening Remarks by
  • 7:15 – 9pm:  

Who Should Attend: 

NOTE: Free Tickets are only available to current SLC|SEM members on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We do ask that members pre-register for each event as early as possible so that we may plan space accordingly and open up additional tickets to non-members a week before the event.

Please DO NOT register unless you or your company has already purchased a membership. You can become a member of SLC|SEM online now and be guaranteed a seat to attend networking events with an annual membership.

Limited tickets may be available to non-members for a fee, if space allows. You must pre-register in advance and pay online or at the door.

Held at partner venue, The Leonardo – the newly renovated Arts, Science & Technology Museum in Downtown Salt Lake City.

Registered attendees may tour the museum (on the same day of) our evening event at a reduced entry fee of just $5 (regularly $14!).

Join us for an evening of exceptional company, conversation and content. Drinks & food will be available.